Products I Like
Tony's Chocolonely

Started by journalists after reporting on the chocolate industry and discovering that slavery, particularly child slavery, was still a common occurrence. Their mission is to make 100% of chocolate slave free. Their bar is unevenly divided which is annoying to eat, but an intentional reminder of the inequity in the chocolate supply chain. The high cost is also a good reminder to make sweets like chocolate a treat and not a part of your daily diet. Made in the Netherlands.

Tube Wringer

Invented by John Gill and still a family business, Tube Wringers preform their job excellently. Manufactured in Eugene, Oregon and incredibly durable. The 401 heavy duty can really squeeze out your hidden tooth paste.

Darn Tough Socks

Cabot Hoisery Mills reinvented itself when sales started declining as their big label customers started outsourcing. The socks they make in Vermont today are unconditionally guaranteed for life, and very durable. I wear them exclusively.