My New Website Powered by Svelte

While in a pandemic induced lockdown I decided that it was time for refresh of my personal website.


Previously was a lightweight Vue app that displayed a list of my recent GitHub activities & Medium posts and linked to other online presences. This was neat when I was in developer relations and doing both of those things quite a bit, but now that Medium is behind a paywall and most of my code is internal it looked kind of dead. The whole app wasn't terribly complex but included a backend cloud function to strip CORS off of Medium's site and even some AppEngine PHP to send emails for the contact form. I really liked (and still like) Vue because of the much lower cognitive load required to write and debug compared to some of the other frameworks out there. You still have to throw your app into a black box of bundling, transpilation, etc., but that is a tax you have to pay with modern frontend development.

Why Svelte?

I'm not sure when I first saw Svelte, but it was something that had been on the back of my mind for a while. Javascript compilation seems weird and unintuitive, but there is kind of a black box step with everything now a days. What did interest was